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Bobwhite Quail

Bobwhite quail is the most popular bred quail species in the entire globe. A lot of these quail types are bred on farms in order to cater the ever- growing demand for their eggs globally. Fully matured Bobwhite quail hens are able to lay not less than 100 eggs per year. They are even able to lay a maximum number of eggs if they are exposed to light for not less than sixteen hours per day. They can lay one egg each day. Bobwhite quails are capable of producing a lot of eggs in a given period so long as they are allowed to breed in favorable conditions. These eggs are pretty different from the chickens’ eggs in many ways. One distinctive difference is they are more pointed than the latter ones. However, they are all white in color.


Bobwhite quail are easy to raise since they mix and interbreed well amongst themselves. However, they require a lot of extra care if they are to produce eggs regularly. To maximize the production of quail eggs they must be exposed to light for most hours of the day.

Bobwhite Quail Eggs

If you love to take Bobwhite quail eggs, you can visit the nearest supermarket and help yourself with some. There are also a number of websites that you can visit and buy these quail eggs. Here you get a chance to choose the quail eggs, which best suit, your budget. Once you have selected them, buy them and they will be delivered at your doorstep after a few days. Remember you will also be charge for shipping so trade carefully. It is important to choose the quail eggs, which are cheap so that you do not exceed your budget when the shipping cost is also included.

Bobwhite Quail Hunting

Bobwhite quail are also popular for hunting especially in United State where its number has decreased tremendously due to uncontrolled hunting in the past decades. Today, controlled quail hunting is mostly practiced in order to save this unique species. Before you engage in Bobwhite quail hunting you are needed to get a hunting permit. You also need to practice shooting in order to increase you shooting skills. You must also know the laws that govern hunting in the area you will be hunting. Not forgetting you must learn the terrain and the weather conditions of the area you will be quail hunting. Such kind of information will help you enjoy the thrill of quail hunting without any problems.

Dogs can be used in Bobwhite quail hunting. They help flush out quails which have hide in thick bushes.  This gives the hunter an opportunity to aim and shoot. Dogs are also used to fetch the hunter’s kill.  Bobwhite quail hunting dogs should have a lot of stamina since they a forced to run from here and there for long period of time. These dogs should also have a thick skin so that they are able to survive even in extreme cold conditions. If you always use dogs for quail hunting, there is no doubt you get to enjoy the exciting experience, which comes with it.

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is regarded as the best hunting sport. This may not be true but it is known to be the favorite hunting sport for most people. This type of hunting can be both exciting and at the same time thrilling. Just try and ask anyone who has had the opportunity of participating in pheasant hunting, you will not find it difficult to believe just how much exciting this hunting sport is. Generally, pheasant hunting is practiced in many states in United State of America, but there is no place that provides the highest level of thrill like in the State of South Dakota which is home to most of the pheasant population.


If you practice pheasant hunting frequently, it is compulsory to learn how to differentiate between hens and rooster pheasants before aiming and shooting any of them. Although it is hard to distinguish one from the other, at one point you will be needed to decide whether to take a shot or not. This can be a disadvantage simply because in order to make a kill you will not be needed to hesitate in your aim especially pheasants that rise into the rising or setting sun need that you make a decision fast.

Pheasant Hunting Tips

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

The best action as far as pheasant hunting is concerned is to shoot pheasants with the sun facing your back. You will be required to know that hens do not make many sounds on takeoff, they are only distinguished from roosters by the way they beat their wings. On the other hand roosters make a cackling and crowing sounds on takeoff making them easy target.


There are several things you need to know before embarking on any pheasant hunting adventure. One such thing is studying more about the hunting laws of the area you will be hunting the pheasants so that you do not break them in any case. The other thing you must know beforehand the weather conditions as well as the type of terrain of the area you are to do your hunting. It is also important you have the knowledge of how the pheasant are exposed under different climatic conditions in that particular area.


Pheasant Hunting Control


One important fact you need to know is pheasants are among the most beautiful birds on mother earth. As much they are hunted for fun, is important to make the killing a control one. For instance, if all pheasants are shot down our future generation will not be able to enjoy the pleasure of hunting them.


There are about forty-nine species and all of them except one are native to Asia where they are found in diverse places like Indonesia’s hot jungle and the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas.

If you want to go for pheasant hunting, South Dakota and North Dakota offer a great hunting experience. Rest assured that you will get to enjoy more than just the excitement of killing these birds because you will also get to enjoy the exotic environments, unique cultures, come across different kinds of individuals and animals and eventually get to visit the surrounding landscape.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunting

Pheasant hunting is said to be one of the best hunting sports ever created. In particular, South Dakota pheasant hunting is the second most popular recreational sport in the entire state after fishing. Before we go into details it is important to know a little about pheasant hunting in general. Pheasants were first introduced to North America in 1913. They are popular for hunting rather than food. In recent decades, pheasant hunting has become increasingly popular in both the United Kingdom and United States. In the United States, farms gather around ten million birds and about thirty-five million in the United Kingdom.

Due to the increased popularity of pheasant hunting there is the need of more breeding so as to cater the growing number of pheasant hunters. The reason why pheasant hunting is increasing becoming popular is due its exciting and thrilling experience.

 Pheasant Hunting

South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Stats

South Dakota pheasant hunting and other hunting activities contribute not less than $190 million to the state’s economy. Pheasant hunting is most suitable in South Dakota State due to the availability of extensive land acreage developed with tress, grasses, dams, dugouts and plots of food. This unique South Dakota landscape gives pheasant hunters an exciting and thrilling experience. Land owners limits hunters to make sure that everyone who wants to participate in the hunting experience will see a lot of pheasants and are guaranteed to shoot one down. In pheasant hunting, people not only restricted to hunting activities but are also given the opportunity to stay in wonderful cabins and experience nature at its best. There are a lot of companies that provide pheasant hunting services on the entire state.


South Dakota Pheasant Hunting License

In order to be eligible to experience the thrill of pheasant hunting in South Dakota, you are required first to get a hunting permit. Pheasant hunting license can be acquired over the counter at relevant stores or on the Internet. The Internet is the best way since all types of licenses are explained so that you can choose the license, which is best suitable for your hunting activity.


The  pheasant hunting seasons usually start around fall every year. If you are interested participating in pheasant hunting, it is important to make a reservation in advance so that you do not miss out on this thrilling experience. Pheasant hunting is more popular after the harvesting season since the pheasants are concentrated in thicker habitat hence making the hunting experience unforgettable.

You can hunt pheasants with a help of dog. A dog can be helpful especially if pheasants are hiding in inaccessible thick foliage. They manage to flush out the birds giving you the opportunity to aim and shoot. The type of dog suitable for pheasant hunting will depend on the terrain in which you are hunting. Medium sized dogs are most suitable in South Dakota terrain. These dog types are not known for their speed but their stamina. One fine example of medium sized dog is the English setter. The English setter is strong and fast enough to get your South Dakota pheasant hunting job done. It also has a thick skin that makes it adapt to the cold South Dakota climate.