What is quail?


People who are fans of birds certainly have heard of quail, a common type of birds. Quail is a collective name for several types of mid-sized birds which you could find all over the world. There are old types of quail which are found in the Phasianida family and also a new world of quail birds which are found in the Odontophoridae family.

Birds which are part of the quail group are very interesting and beautiful. Almost all quail birds are small, but you may also find some big quail birds which can be from 25 to 30 centimeters long. Some of the quail birds weigh about 11 pounds but some have 35 pounds. This type of birds can eat everything such as fish, seeds, herbs, corn and some insects. Also, these birds lay their eggs in abandoned places and when their little birds hatch, they go there and bring them to their own place. The quail birds are very communicative among each other. For example, female birds gather together with their children and sing. The male birds often fly together or they gather in groups and share some food.

About quail

This type of birds is interesting for everyone who likes birds and has some connections with birds. Many people around the world try to raise quail. To raise this type of bird is really difficult because sometimes they require many things such the perfect location, food, equipment and sometimes company. But if you are interested in this type of birds and want to try raising them you could ask for help on the Internet or in some books for birds. On the Internet you could find useful websites which will help you to learn how to raise quail. On that website you will learn what the best locations for these birds are, what kind of food they eat, what equipment you need to raise this type of bird, if they have some specific disease and if they are dangerous for human health, where you could find this type of bird, and many other useful things.

Quail buy these bird legally

Also, there are some websites on the Internet where you could buy these birds legally and online. Besides that you could see some pictures and choose the perfect bird for you. Also, if you do not understand something about raising quail you may watch some video and learn more about these birds. However, these birds are very interesting to have at your home. Besides that you must know in what temperature you could keep this bird, because if they are too cold or hot they can die or become sick. Also, if you go to some place where these birds live, you may take a picture of them, because they are very photogenic and beautiful. But if you do not know in what place you could find this type of birds you may search for possible locations on the Internet or in some books for this specific type of Quail.