Raising Quail

Raising Quail

When it comes to food birds, quail is most people bird of choice. For many centuries, quail have migrated with the help of human beings to all parts of planet earth. From there they were able to adapt to the climatic conditions of their new environment and hence continue breeding to greater numbers.

Most people who feed on quail do not have even the slightest idea how raise quail.

raising quail

Raising quail is one of the easiest jobs one can have. Quail are the easiest bird to breed simply because they have a small sized body and hence they can be kept in a small space. This is opposed to most game fowl that need a fair amount of space. The recommended number to start with when raising quail is twenty quail per square foot, however, 6-8 is more suitable if one wants to avoid the problem of overcrowding. The female male ratio should be at least one male to two females, but most bird species research shows an increase in the number of males aid in ensuring the females are properly fertilized.

The birds should always be kept indoors if one wants to collect their eggs all year round because outdoor quail do not lay eggs in some seasons.

The males are not used to monogamy, therefore it is advisable to allow them breed with all or any females they come across. These one of a kind birds are able to produce above normal eggs quantity when they are just six weeks old. If they are raised to be used as food, they are ready for consumption at four or five weeks old.

Raising Quail for Meat

The most important fact of raising quail for food is that their meat is healthy and has a lot of benefits. Quail meat is healthy due to the fact that it has a low level of cholesterol and it contains a lot of multiple nutrients. It is quickly becoming the choice of individuals who practice healthy eating.

Raising Quail in Cages

Proper cages are necessary when raising quail so as to maintain a healthy environment. These cages must be purchased before buying the quail. A variety of cages are available on the Internet. One is only required to study them and choose the cage that is most suitable for raising quail. One should not go over board and buy an expensive cage because it is totally unnecessary. An affordable cage is more than enough in providing a healthy environment for raising quail.

Getting the best location to place your cage is another important factor. The cage should be kept off the ground at all times. It is easier to keep a controlled environment for the quail is your cage if it is kept indoors than outdoors. In all cases cleanliness must be maintained so as to keep your quail away from diseases. One way of achieving cleanliness is by collecting the droppings daily and washing the cage frequently with pesticides. Raising quail requires a lot extra attention if one wants to have good results.